"AUGUST 31ST": Celebrated 31st August with Baskin Robbins Maui Brownie Madness. Beli pun sebab 31% discount. lol Bendera kat atas tu aku custom-made. I love Malaysia! Selamat Hari Merdeka yang ke-57!
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"CINTA AHMAD & PUTEH": Story about a cat named Ahmad, found his true love, Puteh. Coming Soon. A story by @hazmanhusni_ & inspired by @nrshzwnyhsrt pets. lol Just kidding, this is just for fun.
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So exciting to see my new book Lullabies on display in Kinokuniya book stores. Official worldwide release is September 16. ♥ You can also pre-order your copy here. xo Lang

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"4 COURSE": Attending my brother project for his final year. Tak pernah2 pergi benda macam ni, tapi adik punya pasal terpaksalah. Style jugak tempat dia. Gambar makanan tak ambik sebab bila hidang, aku terus melantak.
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Photos of the day - August 24, 2014

Multi-colored dyes are thrown in the air by participants during Sydney’s Color Run, a leopard walks at Yala National Park in southern Sri Lanka and Nina Quidit cleans up the Dollar Plus and Party Supplies Store in American Canyon Calif. after an earthquake are some of the photos of the day. (AP/Reuters)

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The Hunting Party Limited Edition, Booklet, CD, Art Book. 

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